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As a ServiceNow Premier Partner that uses the Service Now platform to solve current business challenges and accelerate clients' transformation initiatives. With extensive experience in the financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and life sciences industries, NexaQ is able to utilize their domain expertise and apply it to real-world business needs, all powered by ServiceNow. We partner with ServiceNow to design and create dynamic offerings that focus on various industry needs and their customers in order to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and deliver a superior service experience. Since its inception in 2004, ServiceNow has developed its offerings from a simple IT request management tool to a platform that allows users to request services from any group within an organization, such as HR, legal, marketing, or any other business-related service. ServiceNow is a convenient way to request, manage approvals, and fulfill business needs.
1.Governance, Risk and Compliance
ServiceNow's Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution is a platform that helps organizations manage and mitigate risk, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve overall governance processes. It allows companies to identify, assess, and prioritize risks across the organization, as well as design and implement controls to address those risks. The GRC solution also includes a comprehensive risk register, which allows businesses to track and report on risks in real-time. It also has a built-in compliance management module that helps organizations stay compliant with various regulations and standards. Additionally, the GRC solution includes a governance dashboard that provides an overview of the organization's risk and compliance status, helping to improve overall transparency and accountability. Overall, ServiceNow's GRC solution helps organizations improve risk management, ensure compliance, and improve governance processes, leading to increased efficiency and reduced risk.
2. IT Asset Management
ServiceNow's IT Asset Management solution is a tool designed to help organizations efficiently track, manage, and optimize their IT assets. These assets can include hardware, software, licenses, and other IT-related items. The solution allows users to track the lifecycle of their assets, including procurement, deployment, maintenance, and decommissioning. It also allows users to track and manage software licenses, ensuring compliance and reducing costs. Additionally, IT Asset Management provides detailed reports and analytics to help organizations understand the performance and utilization of their assets, allowing them to make informed decisions about future investments. Overall, ServiceNow's IT Asset Management solution helps organizations improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance through better visibility and control of their IT assets.
3. IT Operations Management
ServiceNow's IT Operations Management solution is a comprehensive platform that helps organizations streamline and optimize their IT operations. It combines various IT services, such as incident, problem, change, and service level management, into a single, integrated platform. This allows for better visibility and control over IT processes, enabling organizations to identify and resolve issues faster and more efficiently. The solution also includes features such as asset and configuration management, which help organizations track and manage their IT assets and configurations, and improve their overall IT infrastructure. With ServiceNow's IT Operations Management solution, organizations can improve their IT service delivery, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.
4. Security Operations
ServiceNow's "Security Operations" solution is a comprehensive platform designed to help businesses manage and improve their security operations. It includes features such as incident management, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence to help organizations identify, prioritize, and respond to potential security threats. The solution also includes integration with popular security tools and platforms, allowing for seamless integration into existing security processes. With the ability to automate and streamline security operations, businesses can improve their overall security posture and reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents. Additionally, the Security Operations solution includes robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to track and analyze their security performance over time and identify areas for improvement. Overall, ServiceNow's Security Operations solution is a powerful tool for helping businesses manage and improve their security operations and reduce risk.
5. Strategic Portfolio Management
Service Now's Strategic Portfolio Management solution is a tool designed to help organizations plan and execute their long-term strategy by aligning projects and initiatives with business goals. It allows businesses to prioritize and allocate resources based on their strategic objectives, ensuring that the most important projects are given the necessary attention and support. The solution also includes analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to track their progress and make informed decisions about their portfolio. Additionally, the Strategic Portfolio Management solution integrates with other Service Now products, such as Project Portfolio Management and Demand Management, to provide a comprehensive view of an organization's portfolio and help ensure that projects are aligned with overall business strategy. Overall, Service Now's Strategic Portfolio Management solution helps businesses streamline their portfolio management processes and make informed decisions about their long-term strategy.
Why choose NexaQ as a Servicenow solution partner?
We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of ServiceNow and its capabilities.
Customized solutions:
We provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach.
Proven track record:
We have a history of successfully implementing ServiceNow solutions for a variety of clients in different industries, demonstrating their ability to deliver results.
Comprehensive services:
We offers a range of services including consulting, implementation, and support to ensure a smooth and successful transition to ServiceNow.
Strong partnership:
NexaQ is a ServiceNow Partner and has a close relationship with the company, ensuring that they have access to the latest tools and resources to provide the best possible solutions.

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