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We help your business to grow and change by assessing your business needs and designs the tools required which will enable your business to identify new opportunities for growth and change.

What we do?

We advise and guide your organization on how to use digital technologies to achieve your business goals. This process helps your organization to assess your digital readiness, identify gaps and opportunities and develop a roadmap for digital transformation.

We enable and enhance your existing digital technologies or build new technologies to create new or different business processes, products, or services. It involves the rethinking and redesigning exercises of your business models, process and or organizations to take advantage of digital technologies.

Achieve higher productivity and lower costs by implementing business-driven development and testing concepts across varied technologies and industry verticals

Quality engineering Assessment Approach

Discover & Document

• Understand goals, constraints,   timelines, risks, key focus   areas
• Agile processes, metrics, tools   strategy, test assets, skills,   functional testing, test   environments, and data
• Applications, technology, platform,   automation framework, automated   scripts
• Performance goals, scripts &   reports

Deliverables: Assessment Plan & Test Asset Inventory

Analyze & benchmark

• Evaluate functional testing   assets,   maturity of QA processes &   benchmark based on agile   maturity model
• Analyze Tool Utilization, Licensing,   Integration opportunities
• Review Test Automation Strategy,   Framework maturity, test scripts &   coverage
• Assess Performance Test   Strategy, Performance   Engineering, Monitoring and   related processes

Deliverables: Agile test maturity, Interim Test Assessment Report

Roadmap Implementation & Approach

• Review the analysis and findings   with the Sponsor & Key   Stakeholder
• Design the Target Operating   Model
• Identify & Prioritize the key focus   areas
• Design the roadmap based on the   target operating model and   prioritized key focus areas

Deliverables: Final assessment report, target operating model and Implementation roadmap

Quality Engineering Assessment Elements
Road Map
QE Assessment Methodology
Assessment Objectives
Release Cycles
Areas of Concern
Testing Tools
Testing Process
Interviews and Questionnaire
Process & Project Review
Tools Review
Metrics and Measurement
Automation Coverage
Key Observations
Areas of Excellence
Opportunities & Improvements
Gaps & Recommend
Assessment Plan
Test Automation Coverage Evaluation Report
Total Assessment Report
Long Term Implementation Report
QE Assessment Approach
Week 1
Discover and Dorcument
Goals, Constraints, Timelines, Risks, Key Focus Areas
Agile Processes, metrics, tools strategy, test assets, skills, org map, functional testing, test environments, test data
Applications, technology, platforms, automation framework, automated scripts
performance goals, scripts & reports
Week 2-4
Analyze and benchmark
Evaluate functional testing assets, maturity of QA processes & benchmark based on agile maturity model
analyze tool utilization, licensing, integration opportunities
review test automation strategy framework maturity, test scripts & coverage
Assess performance test strategy, performance engineering, monitoring and related processes
Week 5
Roadmap & Implementation approach
Review the analysis and findings with the sponsor & key stakeholder
Design the target operating model
Identify & Prioritize the key focus areas
Design the roadmap based on the target operating model and prioritized key focus areas
Assessment Plan
Test asset Inventory
Agile test Maturity
Interim Test assessment Report
Final test Assessment report
Target Operating Model
Implementation Roadmap

How we do it?

We understand

Assessment > Release cycles > Finding areas of concern > release testing tools > device a testing process

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We Assess

Process review > project review > tools review> metrics & measurement > automation coverage

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We Recommend

Key observations > inferences > areas of excellence > area for improvement > gaps and recommendations

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We are a Digital First company providing innovative IT and engineering solutions for digital transformations. Our technology services, such as Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Quality Engineering, enable clients to realize their full potential and expand their market reach.
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