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we understand that Quality Engineering is essential to meet the challenges of today's business landscape

Our Quality Engineering Services team leverages the latest technology advances, such as AI and DevOps, to help you optimize your release cycles and shorten your QA timelines. We ensure testing starts early in the software development life cycle, so you have maximum test coverage and quality.

Establish and Implement Quality Standards
Automated Testing Solutions Based On Your Needs
End to End Support during Software Development Cycle

Unlock the Power of Quality Engineering with NexaQ

We are one of the leading AI led Digital Assurance and Engineering services company that helps global companies across industries continuously accelerate their Digital Transformation and make them Digital-First.

Organizations were able to enhance their management of business performance by leveraging the availability of data.
Organizations are better able to meet customer experience expectation
Organizations enabled AI based processes to enable employee productivity
How we elevate your Quality engineering journey using our Quality engineering maturity model

Assessing an organization's Quality Engineering Maturity is crucial for delivering high-quality products and services. It involves evaluating testing practices, methodologies, tools, and overall quality culture. Let's explore the importance of this assessment, key stakeholders' involvement, and the journey towards achieving higher levels of quality maturity.

• Define Quality Engineering Maturity and its significance in today's business environment.
• Emphasize the role of Quality Engineering in delivering high-quality outcomes.
• Describe Quality Engineering Maturity as a continuous journey of improvement and adaptation.
• Highlight the importance of assessing an organization's quality maturity level.
• Discuss the involvement of key stakeholders in the assessment process.
• Mention the need for customization and flexibility in the assessment approach.
• Emphasize the creation of a comprehensive report and roadmap for enhancing quality maturity.

Quality Engineering Maturity Model
Process and Culture
Automation Methodology
QA Infrastructure Scalability
CI/CD Integration
• Conventional QA methodologies
• Segregated Dev and QA teams
• Limited touchpoint with product teams
• Manual GUI based testing
• Heavy reliance on a "few experts"
• Best can Certify a release in few weeks
• Leverage IT team to spin up infrastructure needs
• Continuous bottle necked on unavailability of test infrastructure
• Effective vertion control & build automation for code development
• Automation failing frequently due to environmental & test date issues
• Hard-coded test data in the scripts
• Documents Process
• Adopt a hybrid approach to QA (waterfall + Agile)
• Increased collaborations with other teams
• Higher reliance on functional and GUI based testing
• Low degree of coverage
• Adopt a hybrid approach to QA (Waterfall, + Agile)
• Leverage basic virtualization in test technology
• Still dependent on IT and bottlenecked
• Leverage a CI tool for triggering builds
• Data driven scripts
• Tests frequently foil due to lack of correct test data
• Extend team collaboration
• Strong Agile process
• Dev & Test - One team
• Processes flow across Dev / QA / Build & Operations
• Higher coverage with GUI Functional! testing
• Some automated tests at service layer
• Final Certification is with Manual "experts"
• Fully virtual independent test infrastructure set up and deployment
• No dependency and bottleneck on infrastructure
• Auto triggered builds on code check-in
• Build basic code quality and unit test gates in CI
• Leverage service virtualization to achieve automation
• Evolved test data strategy & tooling
• Single owner in an integrated team - Unified view of QA between dev and QA
• Iterative Development & Integrated Plan
• Automated Integration test
• Automated Unit level test
• Comprehensive Coverage thru automation
• Adopt BDD/ATDD process
• Leveraging cloud-based services and deployments across cross functional teams
• Potentially Leverage commercial on-demand/cloud test infrastructure
• Full automatic acceptance test integrated in the main CI pipeline
• Automatic performance parameters in CI
• Basic service virtualization using mock objects and stub services.
• Completely automated relevant test data generation.
• Metrics based real time dashboard
• Automated Quality Health Checks - Supports Go/No Go Decisions
• Automation at different levels (unit, headless, GUI, services)
• Integrated with CI/CD
• Leverage in-sprint Automation
• Test infrastructure as code
• Leverage containers to reliably reproduce test nodes
• Leverage cloud to setup, tear-down and scale up nodes on demand
• Leverage containers to reliably deploy
• Integrated quality gates for code quality, unit tests, code coverage and acceptance test
• Automated promotion
• Advanced tool-based service virtualization
• Machine learning based automation
Reach your quality engineering milestone faster
Build Strong
• Create compelling business case and ROI
• Get buy-in from all stakeholders

Jump Start
• Harness automation to manage backlogs
• Build risk-free and cost-effective Test
Factory model to clear backlogs
• In sprint automation and BDD implementation
• Integration with test management and CI tools
• Prepare for next-generation challenges
• Leverage latest technologies and devices


Achieve higher productivity and lower costs by implementing business-driven development and testing concepts across varied technologies and industry verticals

Digital Advisory & Transformation

Quality Engineering(QE) maturity
(unlock value of QA investments in technology, process and people)DevOps Tool Strategy
(Revitalize QA strategy for zero touch information)Quality Engineering Realization
(Vision : continuous improvement, reduction of technical debt)

Go to market 2x Faster

Digital Assurance

Continuous Testing
(Intelligent test automation, performance, security engineering)Digital Testing
(RPA, Multi/Omni channel, CX, SMACI, Micro services, API, Web, Mobile, Cloud)Data Assurance
(DW-BI, Big Data)

Enhance customer experience
and better ROI

Enterprise System Assurance

Oracle ERP Testing
(unlock value of QA investments in technology, process and people)SAP ERP Testing
(Revitalize QA strategy for zero touch information)CRM Testing
(Orical Siebel, Salesforce)

Validate business - critical
processes quality

How can we assist you in achieving your digital business transformation goals through partnership?

Our company specializes in digital transformation services that enable businesses to attain concrete outcomes and implement flexible procedures through tailored solutions based on their existing capabilities. Our aim is to assist you in

End-to-End Quality Assurance: From requirements to deployment, we provide comprehensive quality assurance solutions, ensuring your software meets the highest standards throughout its lifecycle.
Faster Time-to-Market: By streamlining development processes and leveraging automation, we help you accelerate time-to-market, gaining a competitive edge.
Reliability and Performance: Our meticulous testing and performance tuning ensure your software delivers optimal performance and reliability, even under demanding conditions.
Risk Mitigation and Compliance: We proactively address security vulnerabilities, data privacy concerns, and regulatory requirements, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance.
Continuous Improvement: Through collaboration and feedback loops, we continuously enhance our quality engineering practices, adapting to your evolving needs.



We are a Digital First company providing innovative IT and engineering solutions for digital transformations. Our technology services, such as Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Quality Engineering, enable clients to realize their full potential and expand their market reach.
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