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Harness comprehensive digital forces for maximizing the end-value delivered by IT services to business.
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Enable digital transformation keeping Customer Experience and Agility as a Top priority for an enhanced Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) through NexaQ’s Digital Assurance Solutions.


The digital transformation era is here. Businesses worldwide are fundamentally altering their operations and service delivery through adopting digital technologies and practices. They are realigning business strategies and methods to embrace digital capabilities, aiming to refine customer experiences and reduce overhead. However, assuring quality in digital transformation is imperative for achieving intended outcomes

Our Digital Assurance processes guarantee digital transformation projects reach intended business goals.
Assuring quality for digital transformation initiatives involves testing various technological paradigms like Cloud, Mobility, and more.
Our Digital assurance goes beyond testing digital transformation projects - it focuses on enabling an easier, faster, and more wholesome user experience.
Our digital assurance delivers confidence that your projects will reach objectives, transform customer experiences, and provide technological capabilities to give your business a competitive edge.

What we Deliver

Continuous Testing

Adapt tools-led integrated software delivery practices for seamless collaboration

Digital Testing

Make Digital Testing a strategic priority by assuring business agility & responsiveness

Data Assurance

Adapt data-centric testing approach to ensure data completeness accuracy

How We Deliver

We enable your IT systems with a robust and scalable QA Framework supporting diverse platforms, devices across channels covering multiple strata with a universal test management approach and a comprehensive dataflow strategy.

Component-level tests and integration to the digital ecosystem
Identification of reusable test artifacts/scripts across various
An Overarching test strategy catering to different sets of requirements on cross-channels and hardware devices
A detailed Test Data and Environment Management strategy   to ensure complete test coverage on all the digital channels
Test concept implementations covering various non-functional, technical and niche digital requirements
Application performance monitoring and checks at different   levels like server, back-end and front-end
We can ensure your digital transformation efforts achieve intended business goals through our comprehensive digital assurance services. We verify highest quality across your digital value chain - encompassing digital marketing, web portals, content, assets, analytics, and your entire digital ecosystem including cloud, mobility, data, security, and connected devices with an Omni Channel approach.

With NexaQ as your digital assurance partner, you can trust your critical digital transformation initiatives will meet quality standards, fulfill business objectives, and deliver new capabilities to stay competitive. Our rigorous assurance provides the confidence you need to successfully transform digitally.

Why NexaQ

Contract Talent

We offer end-to-end solutions for contract talent hiring, addressing challenges like legal compliance and communication gaps to ensure seamless collaboration between your team and our talent.

Permanent Placement

Whether you are looking to fill a single position or build out your entire team, our permanent placement services can help you find the talent you need to take your organization to the next level Build-out

Managed Solutions

We collaborate with you to develop tailored solutions that meet your needs and goals. Our team can provide a dedicated project team or consulting support for continuous improvement.

Benefits Delivered

We offer flexible and cost-effective digital assurance solutions to handle the complexity and challenges in testing across multiple digital platforms, devices and services. We help you drive your digital assurance initiatives for enhancing customer experience.

Effort savings with automated data validation
Accuracy in data validation through use of utilities
Reduction in defects by adopting shift-left principles
Automated regression across numerous digital platforms
Quicker releases through streamlined processes
Savings in end-to-end testing effort


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We are a Digital First company providing innovative IT and engineering solutions for digital transformations. Our technology services, such as Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Quality Engineering, enable clients to realize their full potential and expand their market reach.
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