We can accelerate your journey with SAP implementation

Enterprise apps are evolving, and tomorrow's enterprises need a modern, agile ERP to enable efficient processes on a large scale and provide a flexible landscape to maintain business agility and resilience. This requires more than just an SAP partner - businesses need the support of a comprehensive ecosystem of practices, technologies, and expertise. That is why NexaQ’s SAP practice works seamlessly with other practices, including Digital Consulting, engineering services, IoT WoRKS™, and cloud infrastructure, to design, implement, and support integrated, intelligent solutions. As an SAP Global Strategic Services Partner with leading complex SAP transformations, NexaQ has global team which can serve all your needs. We hire top talent in the SAP field and constantly invest in transformation methods, project accelerators, industry apps, and innovative delivery models to ensure we provide top-quality services to our customers. NexaQ can support your journey with SAP wherever your business wants to go.
Our approach involves not just defining the support model, but also utilizing SAP and enabling transformation through smooth SAP solutions.
SAP Solutions:
Maintaining the integrity of the system
Efficient use of resources
Following a strict timeline
Following established processes
Encouraging users to take ownership of the system
Why choose NexaQ for SAP services & solutions?
We have been providing SAP Enterprise Solutions and Services for over years. While serving thousands of corporate customers, we noticed that ERPs like SAP, ORACLE, and NAV often lack compliance and Business Intelligence functionalities. As experts in Compliance and BI tools, we decided to address this issue and have successfully delivered ERP-integrated solutions for GST, E-INVOICE, and E-WAY BILL for the past few years. In addition to providing SAP AMS Services to various corporations, we have also developed SAP Enterprise Solutions such as SAP TDS Compliance and Reconciliation, SAP Barcoding and traceability, SAP Deals and Discounts Management, SAP 'e' Signer, SAP EXIM, SAP SMS Alerts, and many other SAP solutions along with expert SAP consulting services.
We help customers harness power of data and quality through our expertise in managing data and quality analytics.
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