We are experts in PlanView Implementation

NexaQ is Planview’s solution partner. This partnership will enable us to implement Planview for our partners, Integrate systems, and help our partners gain access to Planview’s solutions for portfolio and resource management and Lean-Agile delivery.
With the Full spectrum of Portfolio, Project and Work Management solutions, we help to determine Strategic goals & Initiatives, build business case for Program, Build execution plan with Projects and the outcomes to be delivered. and then manage with the realities of execution to the program in the overall strategic roadmap.
Planview Solutions
Advisory and Transformation
On Premise and Custom SaaS Implementations
Automation and integrations
Custom Reporting and Dashboards
Managed Support Services
Why NexaQ for PPM Professional Services?
Best in Class Talent
25+ Experienced Professionals. Team Ready to go
PPM Product Expertise
Systematically evaluate your current state and desired future state and challenge you to think in directions you didn’t even realise were possible so that your business units will fit into the product better.
Consistent Performance
§Global Presence and Cross Industry proven experience§5+ Successful PPM roll outs with Industry Best Practices & PPM Implementation from user base range between ~ 100 to 10000§PMO Program/Project Management expertise helps to bring flawless execution, great collaboration and communication techniques journey.
Committed & Trusted Partner
Onboard the best-suited team for the project, we are confident that we can assure bringing value of PPM and enable business transformation. We are a trusted service partner for PPM Professional services. You are a priority client for us with dedicated resources and a great history of teaming.
Praxilla Planview Accelerators
Praxilla accelerator platform to transform current Planview practices by assessing processes, practices, tools, skills, and risks. These frameworks accelerate the digital transformation journey of enterprises by delivering holistic solutions to problems, committed ROI and outcome-based solutions.
We help customers harness power of data and quality through our expertise in managing data and quality analytics.
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