An end-to-end Test Automation Platform That supports simplified Test Cycle Management, Automation and Execution across ERP, CRM, Web, Mainframe both on prem and cloud based. 100% no-code automation, infinite possibilities

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The Enterprise QA platform offers

Enterprise QA Oracle

NexaQ is a company that offers test automation solutions for Oracle EBS Deployment, Upgrade, and Migration. Their team of experts consists of Oracle and QA certified professionals who can help manage workflows smoothly. They use ready-to-use test automation tools and frameworks to ensure high-quality application deployments, with a structured testing approach that delivers efficient and cost-effective results.

EnterpriseQA SAP

NexaQ provides cost-effective SAP testing services that cover various aspects, such as implementations, upgrades, rollouts, migrations, and enhancements. Their team of experts has diversified skills, including business, functional, and technical skills, with SAP certifications. They use proven testing processes, standardized templates, best practices, and test automation frameworks to streamline the testing process and deliver quality results.

Enterprise QA CRM

NexaQ focuses on delivering high-quality testing services for CRM software to customers. Their testing services validate Salesforce functionality and integration with enterprise apps using pre-constructed tests, automated testing structures, and an innovative approach, covering all CRM application modules to efficiently deliver an effective CRM platform for businesses.

Enterprise QA Web

Web testing is a critical phase in software development, verifying if an application meets quality and functionality standards outlined in requirements. It identifies functional discrepancies, security breaches, integration problems, environmental issues, and traffic capacity before release, helping resolve potential issues. By testing an application thoroughly, companies can ensure its reliability, security, and intended performance.

Enterprise QA Mobile

An effective mobile app testing strategy should incorporate a combination of testing on real devices and emulators. Enterprise QA offers zero code automation for both Android and iOS mobile devices, allowing companies to efficiently perform more testing. This helps ensure that the mobile app is reliable and functions properly on a variety of devices.

Enterprise QA Mainframe

Main page content: Businesses seeking to modernize their operations and reduce reliance on legacy mainframe technology can benefit from adopting the latest technological trends to lower infrastructure costs

Enterprise QA Interface Tester

Enterprise QA Interface Tester is a tool that allows users to easily test well-established services using REST and SOAP APIs. This helps to improve the quality of the services being tested and makes it easier to re-use them.

Enterprise QA DB Test

EnterpriseQA DB Test is an excellent choice for testing databases in software backends due to its various features.
Data Integrity validation
Detailed visual execution reports
Support for multiple testing environments
Transaction validation

Enterprise QA Desktop

Desktop testing involves evaluating applications on personal computers, desktop computers, and other similar devices to verify functionality, security, usability, and stability. This type of testing is often done in conjunction with UI testing.

The EnterpriseQA Desktop Testing solution offers automation support for applications written in standard programming languages.

Custom methods

The EnterpriseQA Code Editor allows users to create custom methods to address issues with unrecognized objects or to perform unique actions on UI objects in applications.

Improved debugging experience

Detailed logs and toggle breakpoints help developers reduce scripting errors and improve the quality of their scripts.

Insightful execution reports and dashboards

Various dashboards and compliance-ready reports provide visibility into the health of the application being tested.

Frictionless and future-proof architecture
Simple deployment process
Designed for cloud environments
No need to modify application code
Use telemetry for purposes beyond monitoring
Low resource usage
Compatible with existing tools

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