Harness comprehensive digital forces for maximizing the
end-value delivered by IT services to business.

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Enable digital transformation keeping Customer Experience and Agility as a Top priority for an enhanced Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) through Suneratech’s Digital Assurance Solutions.

What We Deliver

Continuous Testing

Adapt tools-led integrated software delivery practices for seamless collaboration​​​

Digital Testing

Make Digital Testing a strategic priority by assuring business agility & responsiveness

Data Assurance

Adopt data-centric testing approach to ensure data completeness, accuracy

Enterprise Wide Test Automation Framework
Continous Testing

Intelligent Test Automation

Functional Test AutomationAutomated Regression TestingWeb/API Services Test AutomationMobile Test AutomationIP-led Test Automation

Performance Engineering

Load & Stress Testing
Performance Tuning & Engineering

Security Engineering

Application Security
Cloud Security
Network Security
Mobile Application Security

Digital Testing

API Testing

End to End Tests
API & Web Services
Customized Tests

Cloud Testing

Functional Testing
Cloud Specific Testing
Non-Functional Testing

Mobile Testing

Application Based QA
Deviced Based QA
Specialized QA


Functionality Testing
Security Testing
Database Testing
Load Testing
Stress Testing
UI Testing
User Experience Testing
Usability Testing
Cross-Browser/Platform Compatibility
Performance Testing
DB Fine-tuning
Performance Monitoring
Regression Testing


DW - BI Testing

Data Acquisition
Data Integration
Data Storage
Data Presentation

Big Data Testing

Big Data Ecosystem
Big Data Extraction
Data Transformation
Data Analytics & Visualization
Non-Functional Testing

Benefits Delivered
We offer flexible and cost-effective digital assurance solutions to handle the complexity and challenges in testing across multiple digital platforms, devices and services. We help you drive your digital assurance initiatives for enhancing customer experience.
Effort savings with automated data validation
Accuracy in data validation through use of utilities
Reduction in defects by adopting shift-left principles
Automated regression across numerous digital platforms
Quicker releases through streamlined processes
Savings in end-to-end testing effort

We are a Digital First company providing innovative IT and engineering solutions for digital transformations. Our technology services, such as Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Quality Engineering, enable clients to realize their full potential and expand their market reach.
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