In recent years, cyber threats and attacks have significantly increased in number and sophistication, targeting not only large corporations and government organizations but also small businesses, social media and IP data centers, critical infrastructure such as nuclear facilities, power plants, financial institutions, and more. Cyber attacks have evolved into a form of cyber warfare among competing governments, corporations, and even individuals, posing a risk to human lives. While companies are aware of the risks posed by these attacks, the cost of protecting against them can be prohibitive.

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Our CSQA platform is designed to detect, analyze, and triage incidents and threats in real-time, built on a low latency, high throughput platform
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CSQA Key Features

Security & Log Management

Advanced Analytics with CSQA

Incident Response Platform

Security & Log Management

Managing Security & Logs

Log Management involves collecting and storing log files from operating systems and applications across various hosts and systems. OBELUS is designed to scale easily and provide secure, affordable data storage. This allows for long-term storage, analysis, manipulation, and reporting on logs and security records.

managing security events

focuses on real-time monitoring, correlating events, providing comprehensive console views, and customizing notifications. It helps enhance incident reports and improve investigations by using security and non-security data collected from across the organizational infrastructure.

Managing security information

It is a combination of security management (CSM) that provides real-time analysis of security alerts and improves threat detection and response capabilities. It also includes long-term storage, analysis, manipulation, and reporting on logs and security records.

Security event correlation

Security event correlation (SEC) tracks and alerts security analysts when an abnormal series of events occurs, such as multiple failed login attempts under the same user name on different machines. It streamlines investigations and improves security operations by using ad-hoc searches in addition to static, dynamic, and visual correlations.

Log Simulator

Security event correlation (SEC) tracks and alerts security analysts when an abnormal series of events occurs, such as multiple failed login attempts under the same user name on different machines. It streamlines investigations and improves security operations by using ad-hoc searches in addition to static, dynamic, and visual correlations.

Advanced Analytics with CSQA

Mitre ATT&CK

The MITRE ATT&CK platform is designed to improve the detection of adversarial behavior in enterprises by providing a framework for categorizing and analyzing the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by attackers. The platform consists of 11 tactics and 223 techniques that can be used by threat hunters and security analysts to identify and analyze the actions taken by attackers. The goal of the ATT&CK framework is to enable proactive and post-compromise detection of adversaries and to provide a comprehensive understanding of their tactics and techniques.

User Behaviour Analytics

The User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) solution is designed to automatically detect and alert on potential insider threats, targeted attacks, and financial fraud through advanced analytics of user behavior. It is an integral part of the OBELUS Combined Security Management (CSM) strategy for preventing attacks and investigating threats. By providing real-time actionable intelligence on potential threats, UBA helps organizations detect compromise early, mitigate risk, and prevent attackers from exfiltrating sensitive data.

Case Management Platform

Our Case Management platform is seamlessly integrated with Advanced Analytics, allowing analysts to optimize and document their analysis and artifacts. This integration also enables analysts to more effectively and efficiently collect, distribute, and analyze security alerts related to events or incidents, ultimately helping to speed up the incident investigation process by providing the necessary data, artifacts, and analysis.

Incident Response Platform

Incident response platform

Our built-in Incident Response Plan (IRP) platform allows you to create playbooks and templates for responding to identified incidents, as well as proactive understanding and step-by-step responses to resolve security incidents. The platform currently includes IRP plans for responding to threats such as phishing, malware, DDOS, insider abuse, and ransomware, helping you to effectively mitigate these threats in a timely manner.

Real Time Alerting

NexaQ’s CSQA provides real-time alerting to notify users when specific conditions are met and data is ingested. Users can choose to receive notifications as notables, tickets, or emails, and the real-time security monitoring is integrated with the case management platform to enable tracking of analysis and immediate incident management with advanced threat detection and cyber forensics capabilities.

Investigation Platform

The Incident Responder investigation platform uses prebuilt APIs to connect and integrate all your IT systems and security tools, including email servers, active directory (AD), and firewalls, for comprehensive incident investigation. The Investigation Workflow Management, which is integrated with NexaQ’s CSQA and open source threat intelligence, helps to optimize analysis and enables the capture and sharing of procedural information that assists both experienced and new security analysts in quickly and conclusively investigating threats.

Security Consulting
Security Consulting

Professional security consultants can provide the knowledge and expertise needed to handle the latest threats to information security, assess an organization's security posture, and fulfill compliance requirements. Our security consulting services offer the expertise needed to enhance an organization's IT security posture and reduce security risks through comprehensive infrastructure reviews and customized solutions.

Security Architecture

Our security architects can help plan, design, build, and implement complete network and computer security for an organization, as well as create complex security solutions to protect against cyber threats. We offer support in security infrastructure solutions, technical support, risk assessments, and the development of security policies and procedures.

Security Risk and Compliance

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) experts assist clients in coordinating strategies for managing security governance, enterprise risk, and compliance with regulatory requirements, with a focus on protecting important organizational assets such as information and data.

Resource Optimization

Our security consultants work closely with client organizations to develop an efficient plan for optimizing IT resources with an emphasis on overall IT security. Through detailed security posture assessments and reports, we provide cost-effective and practical IT security recommendations.

Network Security Consulting

Network security consultants are responsible for preventing the leak of sensitive information from a company's database. Our highly skilled network security consultants can help clients protect their networks from all types of threats and prevent sensitive information from being compromised.

Identity and Access Management

We have extensive experience in developing identity/access management strategies, architectures, and implementation plans, as well as managing the end-to-end implementation lifecycle of identity/access management projects.

Our SOC services enable organizations to quickly identify and remediate attacks before they can cause significant damage to critical assets and data. Our team of skilled experts and state-of-the-art facilities are dedicated to providing top-quality IT security operations.
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