Obtaining actionable insights from Kubernetes applications through monitoring and analysis

APMQ envisions a future where cloud applications are managed automatically and has developed a unique solution to address the operational and performance issues that arise in this dynamic, orchestrated environment. Traditional monitoring tools are no longer sufficient to handle these challenges.

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Cloud Applications Present New
Observability Challenges

Complex Layering and External Dependencies

Cloud environments often have multiple layers of abstraction and external dependencies, such as application middleware, orchestration (K8s), and infrastructure. Additionally, many apps rely on third-party services over which they have no control.

Dynamic and Transient Containers and Serverless Computing

Cloud applications are characterized by their highly variable structure due to the transient nature of containers and the use of auto-scaling to handle fluctuating workloads. This dynamic quality of the application creates many blind spots and a need for true real-time visibility.

Scarcity of SRE/DevOps Engineering Expertise

There is a shortage of SRE/DevOps engineering talent due to the increased demand for agile cloud operations. While large web-scale companies often have in-house software engineering skills, smaller enterprises require more user-friendly tools to achieve similar results.


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